Caught by the clock

As I've mentioned a few times on here before, Mistress uses the Z&A Submission HUD to impose a curfew on me. The idea being that I really, absolutely, without a doubt, must be logged out (or at least very close to my cell) by 2am local time or I'll end up in my cell. I very seldom get caught out by it. In fact, for as long as I can recall, the only time I've been caught out is when I've been up and doing things with Mistress (generally a Raven Park dance) and I've managed to stray too far from her (the curfew system has a "safe if you're near your owner" setting).

However... Last night I was busy working away in the workshop. I'd just finished up a new build, checked the time, and saw that it was getting close to 1am. Perfect. Plenty of time to pack the new build away in my inventory and tidy up the workshop and I'd still be logged out and heading for bed well before curfew. Then.... *poof*

I was in my cell! It took me a few moments to realise what the hell had happened. Then it dawned on me. Last Sunday morning, here in the UK, the clocks went back. Second Life, however, hasn't yet and won't until this Sunday morning. Because curfew is set in the SubHUD in SL time (obviously) it's an hour earlier in my local time for this week.

So the switch from summer time had consequences for me.


Out of the dress

After a weekend of (mostly) being offline things are more or less back to normal. Mistress and I met up in world for a little bit earlier today to catch up on a few things. She also decided it was time to let me out of the dress and ballet boots (which are just a little way into level 2 -- given how little chance I've had to just walk to train them lately it's going to take a while before they're all done).

Having done that she mentioned that now was a good time to try and knock something off my allowance payment list. It's getting scary long so I do kind of welcome something being knocked off. The big problem though is that most of the things on there would interfere with my ability to deal with hunt business (often with Z&A business too but that's for me to work with and deal with and it's half the "fun"of the restrictions) so Mistress decided to pick one that could work while making my life harder...

For the next 4 days I'm locked in a hogtie and can only slowly shuffle around. While I can touch things and build, if I need, movement will be slow and difficult and any form of "sit TP" (sitting on something more than 1.5m away) is denied. While I do still have my TP allowance holiday (where TPs aren't being tracked by the sub-allowance) to allow me to help deal with hunt business and, so, I can TP around using normal TPs (and double-tap TPs) it's still not going to be easy.

That and I have to be careful how used to TPing I get. The same happened last year and the day after the hunt finished I managed to use up 1/2 of my allowance in an evening due to simple forgetfulness.

So that's me until Friday. Just in time to work on an outfit for this weekend's dance.


Aaaaaaaaand..... we're done!

A little earlier today Mistress and I managed to finish The Femdom Hunt V. All locations hunted, all gifts found. Of course, we started at Z&A, which meant we finished back at home.

And, sadly, that's likely the last time we'll see each other until next week. I've got a very busy RL for the next few days that will mostly keep me away from SL. Hopefully I'll be able to dive in now and again to deal with any hunt business but it's unlikely to be for any significant amount of time.

It's going to be a strange few days and I can't wait to see her again.

Oh, yes, and she's decided I'm staying locked in the dress and ballet boots until at least then!


A perfect moment

The demands of RL and SL mean that blogging continues to be slow -- even more so given that I'm on a TP allowance "holiday" for the duration of the hunt and teleports are the allowance I use up the most. Thankfully though Mistress and I are getting to spend some time together each day, even managing to work our way through the hunt.

And, on occasion, running into rather cool things that distract us and, just sometimes, create a perfect moment...


Back out on the hunt

A little earlier today Mistress and I got back out on the hunt. Although it was Mistress' intention that I carry on being the latex butterfly until we'd finished hunting she changed her mind. The main reason was that, for some reason, the outfit seldom showed for her after many of the TPs yesterday, resulting in me being nothing more than a floating face.

Instead she decided to use up one of the wildcard payments that was say on my allowance list and lock me in a dress and ballet boots for the next 3 days.

So this will be how I'll be doing the hunt with her.

Mistress has also assured me that the boots will, at some point, be added as a specific item to my payment list notecard. This means that, in the mean time, I need to work on training them if I want to be able to walk in any sensible way the next time I'm locked in them (and the time after).

So that'll make the next few days very interesting when it comes to popping out to help people on the hunt, or working on products.

Dressed for the dance (and a new purchase)

Yesterday was the opening dance for The Femdom Hunt V. Here's the outfits Mistress and I went with:

Yes, I've finally cracked and now own a pair of MD's ballet boots. I've always shied away from them in the past because, in days of old, they heavily used invisiprims (as everything did back then -- no reflection on this particular product) and my experience of making such footwear fit a male form put me off spending the money.

Not now though. Alpha layers make all the difference.

Adjusting the boots was dead easy (and not fraught with any worries of breaking them given they're copy and I could make a backup), as was modifying the in-built AO to add my own standing animations. The stands are far too "girly sub" for Mistress' and my taste so that was a pretty important change. There was no effort involved at all. Rez the main boot, drop in my stand animations, edit the AO notecard and take it back in and wear, forcing a reload of the notecard.

Well worth the money.

So expect to see them turn up in my allowance list at some point.


Out on the hunt

As I've said before, the blog will likely be a little quiet at the moment given other events but Mistress and I did manage to make a start on The Femdom Hunt, as hunters, today. Not before she'd decided how I should be restrained though...

Yes, I'm back in the butterfly. Well, I was, but Mistress had to release me out of it again when we finished the first few locations because I'd need to get changed for tonight's dance.

As I understand it though I'll be going back into this until we've finished hunting.


Pony trekking

Due to a busy SL (especially organising The Femdom Hunt V) and an equally busy RL there hasn't been much time or scope for blogging the past few days, and not much time to properly enjoy my recent locking up in pony gear again. Today was the day that that little "payment" finished.

Before unlocking me though Mistress decided that she needed to enjoy some pony time. So rather than grabbing hold of the padlocks and releasing me she told me to get ready for a TP and to have a carriage ready...

...which I did. While region crossings can be "fun" at times it was decided that I should take her for a nice ride out on the mainland while we had a chat.

Eventually though a region crossing got the better of us, resulting in us losing the carriage (we did find it eventually, slowly heading off on its own) and me having to relog to fix some issues.

Rather than chance it again Mistress decided that she should give one of her other pets a bit of an outing too...

All too soon it was time to think about heading home so we stopped and took a landmark of where we'd got up to, Mistress saying that we needed to do this a bit more often. I've still got another 8 days in pony gear on the allowance payment list so this seems like a plan.

After landing back at home Mistress unlocked all my gear...

...and let me remove it all...

...until next time anyway. So that's me for now, "free" from anything off the allowance list. Not that I see this as a good thing as the list is rather long already and unlikely to shorten too much during the period of the hunt.

I can see November being interesting for me...


Back as a pony

After dealing with some Z&A business earlier today Mistress decided that it was time to take a look at my allowance list again. At the moment, what with having to deal with hunt business, there's a few things on the list she's holding back on claiming. However, there's a couple that she's happy to use now - either of the pony payments!

So this is me for the next 6 days, back as Mistress' latex pony. I had 8 days and 6 days on my list. Mistress was very keen to combine them, until she realised that it'd clash rather badly with The Femdom Hunt V (not really a problem) and especially the dance we'll be having (a bit of a problem). So, instead, she decided to go with the 6 days payment for now.


All the best parties...

...end up with you locked in a cell in a dress. Right?

This was after Saturday's Raven Park dance. As sometimes happens, depending on the exact timing, I got caught out by the curfew system in my SubHUD. It was after my curfew time and, while I was very near Mistress, I was safe. But because we normally have the dance on a special platform in the sky, and because Mistress has the "safety" setting on the SubHUD set to just a few meters (it can be set as far as 500m but Mistress much prefers it to be set to, I think, 5), I can sometimes get caught out in the window of time between her TPing to the ground and me following. Sometimes I'm fast enough, others...

...I get home before her.

So that's how I went to bed on Saturday night. In my cell. The random timer came in at about 45 minutes if I remember correctly. We sat and chatted for about 15 minutes before logging out and saying goodnight properly. So when I logged in yesterday morning I had to patiently wait, "enjoying" my work, for about 1/2 hour.

As of today I'm also still locked in the dress.


Interesting for the wrong reasons

At the moment I'm deep in the middle of doing organising things for The Femdom Hunt V (which is why I might not be blogging quite so much over the next couple of weeks). The job I'm working on right now is making up the final update pack for all the locations, which means making up the hunt objects (a shoe) that will be hidden at locations on the hunt. Each shoe needs to be individually named so, to make the job more manageable, I make a workarea that splits the shoes and packs up into groups of 10. Each one has a platform that starts out red and I change the colour to green as I do each batch. This means I can wander off and get a drink, or go browse the web for 5mins, or something, without losing my place.

After finishing the first round of edits to the objects all the platforms were green, as you'd expect. I then had cause to cam away for a moment and cam back. This is what I found:

That was me on Firestorm 4.6.7. Now compare the same view, seen at the same time, in Firestorm 4.6.5:

This is how it looked in 4.6.7 too before I cammed away and cammed back.

What you're seeing here is, I guess, an instance of FIRE-14394 (AKA BUG-7084) kicking in. It's easily the most blatant and obvious example I've experienced of it yet.

If I wasn't so busy with things right now I'd be finally downgrading Firestorm to 4.6.5. This bug (which isn't directly a Firestorm bug -- the same thing has been reproduced in the Lab's viewer) is too intrusive to be ignored. Heck, in a way, it also means that even the Lab's own viewer "violates" the shared-experience rule for viewers.

If you are thinking of updating your viewer to one that has the Project Interesting code in it I'd strongly suggest thinking twice about it.