Before I was unlocked...

I think I got use to the environment of the tkISO suit much quicker this time when compared to last time. Although I did feel rather restrained by it last night I did manage to get a fair bit of building and scripting done on a (non-RLV) pet project that I'm working on at the moment. I had to leave some final texture decisions until I was unlocked, but I got things done.

Waking up in-world this morning was actually rather enjoyable though. There's something about the combination of ALM and the environment of the suit that makes SL look kind of awesome.

As of the time of writing though I'm out of the suit.

Mistress and I got to spend quite a bit of time together today, working on our background join pet project. It's coming along really nicely and, as normally happens, is heading off in a totally different direction than we'd first planned. Which is what makes it all the more fun. There's nothing I enjoy more, nothing that makes me feel more proud to be hers, than when we both riff off each other and see where our heads take us.


A day in the iso suit

Sadly, due to RL issues, I didn't get to see Mistress yesterday but we got to catch up today. We met up at home and had a chat about my little adventure during banishment while Mistress also looked over the list with a few to knocking something else off.

Before that though I needed to request a couple more top-ups; one for TPs (I was down to just the one) and one for chat (not something I use that much, but I only had a handful of lines left and sometimes I need them when testing things).

Using the book to pick the two payments I got "Be a butterfly/caterpillar for 3 days" (much to Mistress' very obvious delight -- it's her very favourite item on the list) and "Go walkabout, in an outfit of your Domme’s choice, for 2 hours" (although she was rather disappointed that it was only for 2 hours, this one delighted Mistress too).

After this Mistress announced that she was going to collect on the payment of me spending a (RL) day in the tkISO suit. I was sort of looking forward to this one too as I will admit to liking the very anonymous and objectified look.

Thing is though, I'd sort of forgotten about the HUD and the forced windlight setting.

Hearing me exclaim my surprise when it all got put on amused Mistress no end. The worst part about it is that I've recently improved things in my machine such that I can run with advanced lighting on all the time now. This means that I can get the most out of the look of the suit. Except... with the forced darkness, it's really hard to see much. Mistress did jokingly suggest that I needed a facelight so I could see the suit better...

...but she soon used her veto when I put mine on.

So this is me until I see Mistress tomorrow. While I can work, and while I'm not totally isolated (I'm denied the ability to start IM sessions, but I can IM if someone contacts me first), it's hard not to feel constrained by the smaller workable screen area and the view of the world.

Still, there's this box I'm working on...


Banished for an hour

There's not been much to write about the allowance list the past few days because various things have conspired such that Mistress hasn't been in a position to collect on the payments. As well as it having being a Raven Park dance weekend (which generally does make it tricky) we've also started work on the new build project so quite a bit of time has being going into that.

As it did today. But that didn't stop Mistress from collecting on one of the payments before she headed to bed. The one she decided to collect was an hour locked in the bane helmet and left to wander somewhere on the mainland (yes, she was rather offended that it was only an hour).

After locking the helmet (and having to set a couple of things up again -- I'd just recently updated the helmet; the first time since I purchased it in early 2010!) Mistress teleported me to.... somewhere. I had no clue as to where it was.

We said our goodnights and she made it clear that I needed to follow the path, and that it would end pretty quickly but that I should look around and I'd see that it would carry on. Which all sounded rather interesting; it sounded like she had a destination in mind for me. So, off I went.

A chance to leave the path, but this wasn't the end of it.

Unlike previous banishments, I couldn't stop for a sit down.
Mistress had added "sitting" as a protocol violation!
The path ended, but there was a dirt track
heading up. So I walked up.
And up...
And up...
At the top: a building!
With something glowing inside.
Some sort of shrine to the cube!

A very old map on the wall.

Back outside I tried to get a feel for where I was.
Couldn't work it out.

After exploring the building and the surrounding area for a while I decided to retrace my steps. The hour was almost up so I thought I'd fill what remained with a bit more wandering. Once the timer ran out on the helmet I headed back home again, and didn't think to actually have a look at where I'd been. While I could look in my TP history I'm going to wait until I see Mistress tomorrow and find out from her.

I think I'll have to pay it a return visit. It's a very curious place.


Another hour in prison

Mistress and I dropped in-world today to carry on working on our new build project, only for it to turn into a rather frustrating wasted hour where nothing really got done. Mistress, when we're doing big builds, loves to use Skidz Primz to help build. Unfortunately it didn't seem to be behaving itself (she's not used it since we built the new shop) so an update/redelivery seemed to be in order. Thing is, al the docs and online information say to go to their in-world shop and use a redelivery terminal.

After spending more time than we care to admit looking for a redelivery terminal we gave up.

So, after that, Mistress decided it was time to collect another payment. On the list was an hour in a cell somewhere (much to her disgust -- she's never keen on something that has "one" in it), so...

...I was teleported to her new favourite place.

At this point I noticed that I was getting low on TPs again so asked Mistress if I could get a top-up. No sooner had I asked than the Misfortune Cookies appeared...

...and I'd earned a payment of spending a day in the tkISO suit (likely to cause annoyance to Mistress because it was just the one day).

Mistress then found a free small corner cell for me, in the ground floor! (at least last time I was up on the first floor, away from the general crowd).

With the door locked, the key taken and the timer set Mistress said goodnight and headed home, leaving me to an hour in the cell.

At one point during the hour I actually had a neighbour, although we didn't talk (she kept appearing and disappearing too).

Finally though the hour was up and I was free to go again.

After leaving a tip to say thank you to the owners I headed off to go shopping for bits to make the dance platform for this weekend's dance.


Out of the boots

Today, a couple of days later than originally planned, because Mistress seemed to rather enjoy seeing me stumble around the place, I was finally released from the ballet boots.

Once unlocked I slipped them off, alone with the stockings, gloves and pants.

Mistress, being the caring person that she is, was concerned that over a week in the ballet boots might have hurt my feet. Seems she had just the solution too.

So that's spending a RL day locked in a hogtie knocked off the allowance payment list.

Once all that was sorted we embarked on something we've not done for quite a while...

Plans are being planned and prims are being rezzed. A big build project is now under way! This will likely be a slow and steady project but one that should be fun and very worthwhile.


Still in the boots

Mistress and I only got a brief bit of time together today, mostly because of RL things for both of us, but we did manage to meet up. Before I saw her I'd been playing around with a latex look that involved parts from a number of different outfits, and which tried to make the most of the ballet boots that I'm still locked in.

Mistress seemed to like it. So much so that...

...I'm still locked in the boots!

I do rather like the outfit though. I like anything that shows off Mistress' mark. ;)


Mistress is back!

After a long lonely week without her...

...Mistress came back! I can't even begin to, and won't even attempt to, describe how much I missed her (both in RL and SL). Things just aren't right when she's not about.

Once she was all rezzed and had dealt with a week's worth of group notices and the like we headed down to the sitting room and had a catch-up chat...

...while this:

...got turned into this:

That's right, I'm back on full allowance control again. Mistress was kind enough to give me this first set for "free", so to speak.

However, that wasn't the end of our time in-world. Far from it. Mistress then announced that it was time to set to work on the outstanding payments and that she was rather keen to collect on the one that was "be caged for 3 hours and gagged for 5 hours" because she had just the place in mind. When she told me where she had in mind I tried to come up with all sorts of reasons why it would be a bad idea...

Thing is, a quickly applied leash and a force TP overides any objects I could possibly have. So, yes, it was back over to "Gwen's and Ame's RLV Slave Storage Facility" and this time Mistress was determined to use one of the cells.

The system used seems very straightforward and easy to use. Mistress likes clean and easy to use cell systems and this one appeared to be just that. The door was opened by her...

and once I was shoved inside...

...all she had to do was lock the door and take the key. Even the list of restrictions that she could change were very minimal (just allow/deny IMs), all other restrictions being very sensible ones for a cell, and especially a "public" cell at that.

Mistress then had me press up against the door and she produced the gag that I was to wear for the next 5 hours.

The choice was something to do with it being a good match for my dress. She then decided that, just for the look of it, she'd put a pair of mittens on me too. This time set to allow all forms of touch because there was Z&A work I needed to be doing when I got out.

Once Mistress was happy that I was secure (both in terms of me not being able to escape, and nobody else being able to interfere with her property) and that the timer for the cell was running down correctly she said goodnight and left me to serve my time.

It was really strange being locked up like this somewhere other than on Raven Park. There's a certain sense of security and familiarity when I'm locked up in Mistress' house, or at lest on our region; but this was different. It felt alien and vulnerable while, at the same time, different and exciting. It's not exactly a quiet place, with lots of people coming and going all the time. In the 3 hours I was there I saw at least one pretty big gathering around one other cell with people coming to admire a pair of inmates in it.

Once my 3 hours were up the door announced that the key had been returned by Mistress. Presumably, at this point, anyone could have grabbed the key and locked the door again. Thankfully though the door became available to me from the inside too and so I could open it and let myself out.

At this point I still had a couple of hours left on the gag and I was also only 1/2 way into a period of six hours of in-world time denied maps and names. So, while there were other people around as I started to hobble my way to the exit, I had no idea who anyone was.

I closed up behind myself and left a tip at the entrance to show our thanks to the builders of the location.

I think I can see why it's popular. I think I can also see why Mistress is rather taken by it too.

I have a horrible feeling it won't be the last time I spend time there.