New blindfold

Today I picked up another new blindfold. Like with a couple of other blindfolds I've picked up before (like here and here) this wasn't scripted to work as a RLV blindfold (in fact this one wasn't scripted in any way at all) but the creator had sensibly made it copy and modify. This meant I could make a copy and script it with Z&A's scripts for my own use.

I'm seriously pleased with it. It looks really good and, while the fit isn't perfect (I'm sure that with some careful tweaking it'd come close), it almost fit me out of the box.

As with the other blindfolds it's using Z&A's blindfolding code that has multiple darkness levels (that allow for some degree of sight) as well as total darkness. As well as that it also gives control over other aspects of in-world sight:

This generally gives Mistress all the control she could want from a vision control restraint while also allowing me to carry on working when she's not around -- albeit working under tricky conditions.

For anyone who's interested: the blindfold came from Goth1c0. Sadly it's not in their marketplace shop but it's easy enough to find in their main store. While I was over there I also picked up a rather fantastic corset piercing that is actually designed for male shapes! That deserves a blog post of its own in a day or so.

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