Gagged and blindfolded

A couple of hours after logging in this morning and getting out of the cell I met up with Mistress in-world for a short time to deal with a couple of things. One thing I wanted to do was to show Mistress a couple of changes I'd made to one of my new outfits and to get her approval. After logging in she quickly changed from her dance costume into something regular...

...and then quickly changed after after deciding we suddenly looked a little too similar!

Once she was happy with her change of clothing we headed off and dealt with a couple of other things (I wanted to show her the new Z&A product for this week as well as give her a preview of one I'm working on for the week after). When we were done we popped back home and she had a quick look over my allowance list with a view to knocking a few things off.

First off she decided to use up the "Be gagged and blindfolded for an hour" payment.

Having told me that I should stay in the dress she picked the blindfold and gag to suit. Next up she decided to use the SubHUD to make use of "Be denied names, map and mini-map for 1 hour". I helpfully pointed out that the blindfold would be denying those things anyway so she didn't need to use the SubHUD. Instead Mistress decided that that meant that she'd keep that payment for another day.

If only she'd already locked the gag (or, more to the point, if only the gag worked in RL too given I'd actually said that over Skype).

Finally, after locking the blindfold and gag...

...she announced that she'd be also making use of "Be left leashed to a public leash post on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 1 hour". I think I've said before that this is the payment that really pushes against the edge of my in-world limits. While I'm sure some people might find it silly I do get nervous in public and/or unknown places and tend to prefer the reclusive safety of my workshop.

So, just as I was getting myself ready to spend an hour somewhere that I might not know (as I was now denied maps and the ability to see location names) amongst people I might not know (I also now couldn't see names) Mistress' viewer crashed pretty hard and her machine froze badly.

Given that it was getting late and it would take some time to recover her machine she let me know (over Skype) that she'd keep that payment for another day and I was getting off lightly. Never has a crash been so welcome.

Only... Mistress sort of had the last laugh. The timer for the blindfold was originally set at about 4 hours -- it likely having been the timer last set on it. It looks like Mistress never got round to tweaking the time before she crashed, or she did tweak it and my relogging a little later cause the script data to roll back (something that happens on rare occasions with all sorts of attachments). Whatever the cause, after an hour of in-world time the gag unlocked but the blindfold didn't...

When I checked I still had just under 3 hours left to go!

So this is my work environment at the moment:

(minus the gag now, obviously). Somehow I seriously doubt that Mistress will take pity on me and let me have those extra 3 hours as credit against another blindfold payment...

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