Free for a night

Today I finally got out of the chastity belt. Mistress and I had plans to meet up earlier in the day, to unlock me, help me photograph a new Z&A product (that should be released this week) and also visit a fair we've being meaning to get to. As it was she was severely delayed so we had to change out plans.

The unlock and the photo session did happen, but the trip to the fair had to be postponed until tomorrow. Also, because time was short, I was left without any restrictions (other than the normal background ones I always have) applied. For the first time in many days I was free to move around and come and go as I like. I could also chose any outfit I liked!

I've actually been through a few outfits this evening while I've been building, photographing products and also shopping. Mostly though I've been enjoying wearing anything at all. ;)

It looks like, after we make it to the fair tomorrow, one or more things will be coming off the list again so I'm making the most of tonight.

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