Caught out again

Yesterday was Raven Park's "Game of Thrones" dance. I picked that theme as a little treat for Mistress given that she loves that show so much. We had a lot of fun making the venue for the dance an picking out our outfits (I had to get a lot of help from her as I've never seen the shows and know almost nothing about it).

When the dance ended, given it was past my curfew time, I had to play the usual game of "can I get to the ground quick enough after Mistress before the curfew check notices I'm not than 5m away from her?" as she headed home.

I lost.

When Mistress got back to the house she wasn't listening to any excuses I had, simply insisting that I should have been quicker. So this is how I said goodnight to her...

...and this is how I logged in this morning.

Thankfully the random timer was more or less on my side this time with just 30 minutes on the clock when the door auto-closed.

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