Back to normal service (also, a pony again)

As I've mentioned on the blog before for the duration of the hunt Mistress turns off the allowance tracking of teleports. This happens because, as you might imagine, organising a hunt requires a fair bit of flitting around the grid. Now that the hunt is over that's all changed. For RL reasons we didn't get to meet up yesterday but, earlier today, we met in-world so Mistress could take full control again.

After turning on TP tracking and setting it up with 20 teleports (rather generous given she normally adds 15 each time) she decided that we should also make a start on reducing my payment list. This too has been neglected for the duration of the hunt as I really needed to be in a fit state to go out and help and talk to people.

Mistress decided that she's start with the longest item on the list: wear a pony outfit and stay in a stable for 8 days. So I was marched outside and ordered to strip (Mistress decided that, after a couple of previous sessions of doing "latex pony" it was high time to do "naked pony" again) and pull on my pony gear.

Having shown Mistress the corset I purchased the other day she told me to try that on as well so she could see what it looked like. She decided she liked it, rather a lot, and she took no time in locking it along with everything else.

So this is me for the next 8 days. The usual rules apply. I can go about my normally business but I'm absolutely banned from the house and must log off in the stable every night. As usual this means that to get to and from the workshop I have to walk to and from the Z&A main store because the transport pad in the house is off limits.

The one thing I have to remember not to do now is simply TP to the workshop, as I have been doing for the past few weeks. Doing so will mean I get through my allowance far too quickly and the list is way to long as it is.

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