Out of the pony gear

Mistress and I met up in-world earlier today so that I could be let out of the pony gear.

I tend to find it to be a bit of a mixed moment when this happens. On the one hand I'm glad to be able to get around more easily and specially glad to be allowed back inside the house. On the other hand I really like being locked in the pony gear and sort of objectified and a little more helpless than usual. I know it's sort of a mixed thing for Mistress too.

But, the list is growing and the 8 days were up...

Given that I was now in a state where it was okay for me to wander the less adult areas of the grid Mistress and I decided to pay a visit to Cirque De Seraphim. We'd made a note to visit it when we first saw about it and given that I'll likely be in a state to not visit again some time soon we made a point of fitting it in today.

We sort of ran out of time and didn't get to look at everything, although Mistress did get to make a purchase (a rather cute set of crow tattoos for her legs and feet -- although at least one applier for her Slink feet appears to be broken so she'll have to contact the maker), as did I (although it didn't really do what I hoped).

From what we could tell a few of the shops were late turning up, if the fact that they had logos but were boarded up was anything to go by.

A thing we did notice was what seemed to be an increased number of static pose shops. I'm guessing this is the whole event/blogging feedback loop kicking in. Events are popular with people who like to blog what they find at events, static poses make for good photos, and so there's a supply/demand loop happening. At least, that's what we figured.

One fun little thing we found was a balloon/darts stall, which Mistress just had to try out.

Eventually though it was starting to get rather late for Mistress so we headed home. Before logging off Mistress did try out her purchase (hence us seeing the problem with it) and we both adored the packaging it came in. It was very her...

It's always fun to see really creative packing and delivery systems.

Anyway, because it was so late, I ended up with a "free" evening. Nothing off my list was applied and Mistress strongly suggested that I make the most of it.

Which I did.

Which might make for another blog post. ;)

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