Zindra adventure

Earlier today Mistress and I spent a bit of time together in-world. It was another one of those occasions where she decided to make good use of her pony boy while he was still a pony boy.

In other words, we'd take a trip out on the mainland somewhere with me pulling a vehicle we we both explored and chatted on Skype. Given my mostly-naked status this time around we decided that it'd be best if we stuck to all adult regions. So, after scrabbling around to try and find a rez zone on Zindra (I thought I'd landmarked one or more but it seems I hadn't -- thankfully I found one mentioned online thanks to a Google search) we headed out and I rezzed a vehicle.

Mistress left me to select a direction so I simply headed off in the direction I was facing after rezzing the wingback. That didn't work out so well. While we did see a few sights along the way...

...we eventually hit a dead end. A proper dead end. As in, the road simply stopped as we'd run out of regions while heading south east (I, of course, couldn't see any of this on the map as maps were denied because Mistress was with me). I believe it was the same place that Mistress dropped me to start 5 hours of boot training back in July.

At this point Mistress pointed out the mistake I'd made and had me turn around and retrace my steps. On the way back to where we'd started I suggested that, perhaps, she'd like to check out the big Zindra dam. I described roughly where it was and Mistress found it on the map and navigated us there.

Once there we abandoned the wingback, Mistress attached my leash, and we explored...

Eventually we made it back up and to the other end of the dam and we had a little look around while enjoying the sunset while admiring one of the more impressive plots, in terms of location, we've ever seen for sale on the grid (although we didn't have L$150,000 spare to buy it at the time).

Finally it was time to head home again and say goodnight.

At which point I parked myself back in my stable and logged out along with Mistress so I could say goodnight to her properly.

We had loads of fun. It's always enjoyable to go exploring. As much as I love the place we've built together it's really nice to get out and see other places. This was one of those times.

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