The list grows again

Mistress and I met in world today so I could show her a project I've been working on that, all being well, will get a release next week.

I especially needed her to try the build out as I wanted to be sure she thought it was appropriate. My measure, when building something where the Domme gets to sit too, is if Mistress likes it and finds it cute or attractive then it's a good Z&A build.

She liked it.

After we'd done that I asked if I could get a top-up for TPs again, which meant heading back down to her office.

The TP top-up cost me "Be left leashed to a public leash post on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 2 hours" added to the allowance list. Mistress also had a look over the list with a few to knocking something else off but she decided there was nothing she could use that would fit my current situation (there is 3 hours in the isolation helmet which would work with how I am at the moment but she announced that she had other plans for that one!).

Much to my delight she didn't decide to collect on the new one right away.

Instead we retired to the back deck and sat and had a chat for a nice while.

Mostly we discussed options for her outfit for this weekend's dance, as well as searched the marketplace for components that could help make the build for it.

All too soon though it was time to say goodnight.

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