Blindfold, gag and a trip out

After dealing with some Z&A business earlier today Mistress turned her attention to the allowance payment list which, for the first time in a while, is starting to get a little shorter. She looked over it carefully to see how much could be piled on in one go and what would be compatible with the longer-term payment I'm currently serving.

First up off the list was to be both gagged and blindfolded for 3 hours. Normally Mistress will go with a Z&A gag and one of the blindfolds I've made for my own uses. The gags are always set to garble local chat and also to deny outgoing IMs for the duration. The blindfolds on the other hand tend not to be so harsh as to make it impossible to do things in-world (rather than using a HUD to blindfold, which often (correctly) stops you for interacting with the world around you, they simply make things very dark and remove hover text, names and location details). This time, however, Mistress decided she'd like to try and use the MD pony head harness as a combined gag and blindfold.

Curiously it seems that the gag doesn't have a setting for denying outgoing IMs (or if it does Mistress couldn't find it) so I ended up with the freedom to chat in IM. Offsetting this though was the fact that the blindfold is pretty harsh, making it impossible to touch or edit anything in-world:

After locking this in place Mistress then announced that she was going to use up the payment of leashing me somewhere in public on a region of her choice and that she was also going to use the payment of denying maps, mini-map and location name for an hour. As much as I hate the "leash in a public place" payment I was a bit excited that 3 items would be coming off the list!

So, a little while later, Mistress TPd away and then force-TPd me after her, landing me in an unknown location that was very hard to see at first.

However, once my eyes adjusted, I took a wild guess at where I'd been dropped, and I was right.

Mistress had dropped me off at the Bondage Ranch. She said her goodbyes and left me there (invisibly) leashed to the spot for an hour.

Once the time was up I headed back home again. Once I landed though all I could do was hang around on the front porch until the timer ran down on the harness.

Given that I couldn't touch anything in-world at all it meant I wasn't able to open doors or, even if I could, use the transport pad to get to the workshop. I could have teleported to the workshop but then I'd have used one a TP from my TP allowance and for no useful reason given that, once there, I'd not be able to build or anything.

Panic set in some time later when the 3 hour mark came and went and the harness didn't unlock! Had Mistress forgot to set the timer? Had it rolled back somehow? Was there a glitch in the harness? As these thoughts raced through my mind and I started to wonder how I was going to do the work I had planned for this evening...

[09:03] MD - Head Harness v4.3 (nose): Timelock unlocked (head harness) after 3h 13m 57s

Looks like Mistress had left me with a little surprise to keep me guessing!

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