A bit of shopping

Given that I had an evening of relative freedom one thing I resolved to do was pop over to Schadenfreude and look for a dress that I'd found a short while earlier, which had a male fitmesh version included, and which I'd shown Mistress and she'd said I should get. I've had it in my favourites in the Marketplace ever since (I didn't buy it at the time as I was locked in pony gear and unable to try a demo on).

Given that I was after the black version, and given that it didn't appear to have been listed on the Marketplace, this was a good reason to head over to the in-world store; which I did just as today's rolling restart hit Shackles.

It ended up being a costly restart.

First, I came back with the dress in question:

As with the other dresses I've had from them I've made a "special" version that contains the Z&A restraint code so that Mistress can lock the dress and alpha layer.

While there I also noticed that they do a corset that contains male as well as female sizes. Well, I just had to add that to my very small mesh corset collection!

It comes with a texture change HUD that gives 3 different styles (the corset itself comes in more styles than I could count with a massive fat-pack available -- I think I saw half a dozen that might be to Mistress' taste).

For kicks I've also made an RLV version of this too.

Finally, while camming around, I found another dress that's partial mesh. The skirt itself is mesh and comes in male sizes. The top part is a good old fabric layer but also comes with non-boob shading! Well, given that I'm getting more and more into the idea of female clothing for male shapes I just had to grab that as a sign of encouragement and appreciation. Right? ;)

Paired with the corset I got and a pair of stockings I think it sort of works.

I'm hoping Mistress will like it. I have to say that I've surprised myself with how much I like the look of it.

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