Updated the payment list

Today Mistress and I did a little job we've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now: update the punishment/payment list notecard that she wrote to include a couple more items. We do this every so often, especially if I find/buy new outfits or restraints or especially if I make something new.

This time around Mistress added payments that involved the MD ballet boots, the *KaS* ballet boots and corset and, of course, the Z&A Walkabout.

After updating the list (we keep it in a shared Google Drive document) Mistress copied it in-world and placed it in the book in her study and, for those times when I'm not allowed in the house (like now) or when we're out and about, in the Misfortune Cookies.

Meanwhile my time as a pony, which doesn't end for another 6 days, means there's not many other payments Mistress can collect on and so my outstanding list carries on being... rather long.

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