Out of the hogtie and into something else

My "be hogtied for six days" payment was due to end yesterday but, seeing as how it was one of those weekends where Mistress and I tend not to see each other I had to serve an extra day (I never seem to get credit when this happens!). So, earlier today, we met in-world so I could be released.

Once I was released I invited Mistress up to the workshop to look at a couple of projects I had going at the moment and to get her input. After this we returned back to her house and sat in the office while she contemplated the payment list, seeing what else could be used.

I'm still locked in nothing but the chastity belt until Sunday (which means I'm not going to have much of a costume for this weekend's Raven Park dance! I might have to be creative with the theme this week so that I appear on-theme) but there's a few things still on the list that are compatible with that.

Having spent a week shuffling around slowly in the hogtie Mistress decided to show me no pity whatsoever and collected the payment I picked up on Friday...

So rather than shuffling around very slowly for 6 days on my belly I'm now having to shuffle around for 5 days on my knees. Mistress then decided to collect on a payment of me being gagged for 5 hours of in-world time.

As usual the gag is set so I'm garbled in local chat, I can't start IM sessions and I can't send IM messages. I can receive them. This, again, means I get to spend a whole evening in-world watching all the different group chats and unable to chime in when I normally would have.

On the other hand it does mean that I've been able to spend some quality time writing code for a product that should, I hope, be released next week.

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