Yesterday Mistress and I met in-world so we could do a couple of things. One thing I wanted to do was show her some of the items I'd picked up during the previous day's shopping. She approved of them all and seemed to specially appreciate the shorter dress.

When we'd done with that she reminded me that may allowance payment list was getting rather long and that it was high time I knocked one of the bigger items of it. So she took me down to her office...

...and ordered me to change into my bane suit and wear my Z&A Walkabout.

She then had a look around the map to find a good place to drop me before locking the helmet (which denied a lot of things, including access to maps and the ability to see my current location details) and TPing away, a moment later TPing me after her.

As normally happens I was dropped on some anonymous (to me) road on some unknown (to me) mainland continent and told which directions it was safe to head in (in this case any of 3 possible directions if I followed the road). Before heading off I indicated that I'd probably need a top-up of walk (I'd already got a top-up of TPs while in the office -- that cost me the addition of a payment of spending 6 days in a hog-tie!). Wandering around in banishment eats up the walk allowance and this was going to be even more the case given that Mistress was using the Z&A Walkabout too.

She had the Walkabout set so that I was allowed a maximum of 30 minutes in any given region and a maximum of 5 minutes loitering on any given spot. I was also set up so that I'd be punished if I returned to any of the last 5 regions I'd been in. Punishment for violating any of those rules was an extra 5 minutes on the Walkabout timer (a punishment that gets added every 30 seconds of being in violation of the rule).

Simply put, for the most part, I needed to keep walking. So out came the Misfortune Cookies...

...and that got me an extra payment of being gagged for an hour (at some point in the future, of course -- you can't talk in the bane helmet anyway).

By this point I was all set so I said goodnight to Mistress...

...and headed off to explore for the next 4 hours. I took many photos along the way and they can all be found in this imgur album. Here's some highlights:

Looks like someone lost their pants
A bane wash is a thing, right?
A possible clue to my location!
Wasn't me!
Ahh, the temptation...
I think I was following the rules just fine.
Even more of a clue as to where I was!
Roadside art.
I wasn't looking for droids...
After quite some time walking, a decision.
By coincidence, I found the in-world location of
the shop I'd bought stockings from off the
marketplace during yesterday's shopping.
Good luck getting through my suit...
Another decision, I went left.
My kinds of place.
And further down the road I stumble on FFF!
Mainland + bane helmet == some stark landscapes.
Eventually, 4 hours later, the bane helmet unlocked and popped open...

However, I'd acquired 15 extra minutes on the Z&A Walkabout (loitered on the spot too long once and wandered back into a region I'd been in previously the once, taking more than 30 seconds to get back out) so I took the helmet off and walked some more.

Once all done I removed the HUD and headed home and changed into something more comfortable.

Result of yesterday: one payment lasting 4 hours removed, one lasting 6 days and another lasting 1 hour added. I'm not sure this is helping reduce the length of the list.

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