Hogtied and in a belt

Mistress and I got to meet up for a brief while in-world today. She had, of course, already read yesterday's blog post (these posts are as much a "report" to her as they are anything else so when I write them I always email her a link) and so was fully aware of what had happened, how I'd messed up and how I'd decided to handle it.

First and foremost she seemed deeply amused by the idea that I'd been caught out by a feature I'd written into the SubHUD and yet hadn't fully considered or appreciated. She was also very adamant that it was all my own stupid fault and no matter if I'd even realised it would happen I should have been paying more attention.

There was no way I could argue with that.

Sadly, she also thought that the way I'd handled it was actually the wrong way. Her preference was actually that, after having messed it up, I should have stayed in the cell and dealt with the consequences that followed. I'd tried to go with the spirit of how she'd designed the evening and had worked around the "glitch" (okay, really, it was a feature, but it was an unforeseen consequence on my part) but it was really her preference that I go with whatever happens.

Lesson learnt.

At this point Mistress said she was going to knock a couple or so more things off my allowance payment list, and I also asked if I could get a TP top-up too (I was down to just 2 TPs). So she marched me into her office and had me touch the book to pick my payment for the TPs. It came up as  a wildcard for me (I get to pick) but I also had to pick two more payments! Touching the book two more times got me "Be gagged for 5 hours" and "Wear nothing but a chastity belt for 12 days".

This business of reducing the length of the list really wasn't going so well.

Mistress decided to use the chastity belt payment right away so she stripped me...

...and had me pick a belt.

Next she decided that she would use up a payment of being gagged for 9 hours, this time opting for the ring gag.

Next, she reminded me of how I'd messed up yesterday and that I really needed to slow down and think more carefully...

...and then she went on to say that the payment of being hogtied for 6 days should help me do just that.

Once all that was done she then reminded me that, after having escaped from the cell yesterday, I owed her some cell time. Rather surprisingly and generously Mistress decided that I should only serve the time that the cell had initially pick yesterday (even though I'd used up about 1/2 of it by the time I got back out on the road). So I was ordered to wriggle into my cell...

...and the door was locked and the timer set.

Earlier on Mistress had been telling me about a fair she'd been reading about that had a special focus on male clothing and how she wanted to take me there. It was at this point that I realised, and mentioned to her, that 12 days wearing nothing but the chastity belt would mean we'd likely miss it. I did then suggest that she could let me have a temporary reprieve so we could visit in the next few days (it wouldn't be the the first time I've been allowed to get dressed for a special occasion "mid-payment") and she said that would be a good idea. She then said rather firmly that, this time, it would cost me!

Sadly Mistress needed to head off again so we said out goodnights and she went to bed, leaving me in my cell.

So this is me for the next few days. Six days of only being able to shuffle around on the floor, slowly (and also denied sit-tp and fly) and twelve days of wearing nothing but the chastity belt. Also, on top of 7 hours of being denied outgoing IMs by the gag yesterday I'm now working through another 9 hours. The real pain of that being that I can't join in any group chats and, of course, any time this happens group chats that I really want to be involved in happen more often.

I can't complain though. Given Mistress' displeasure with my huge mistake yesterday I think I got off rather lightly. Or, I should say, I think she was very generous and I'm very lucky.

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