A trip to Sad November

As mentioned a couple of days ago there's a fair type thing that Mistress wanted to take me to called "Sad November". Partly just to see the build but also because it had an emphasis on the shops that had male clothing available. So, earlier today, we met up in world to head over. First though there was a small issue that had to be dealt with...

Seeing as how I'm locked in a hogtie until Monday and denied any clothing other than the chastity belt until a week on Sunday I wasn't really in any fit state to go. Mistress, however, had decided that it was important she went so she was willing to give me a temporary reprieve for the duration of the trip, but at a cost. The cost was that I'd have to touch the punishment picker when I got back and add whatever it gave to the list.

With that agreed I was unlocked and allowed to pick an outfit...

..and Mistress decided to change her footwear.

 Apparently she'd need to...

As fairs go this one, in terms of the build, was amazing. I don't think I've seen one that I've been quite as impressed with. Not only was the default windlight just right, the weather system being used worked really well, the landscaping was fantastic and the buildings worked and make sense. Even the layout flowed well. What was even more impressive was the fact that most event builds lag the heck out of my viewer (purely my machine's problem, but the build) yet this was pretty smooth all the way round.

One of the really impressive things about the event was the reason Mistress brought me over:

Every shop that had male-oriented items in it had that "MEN STUFF HERE!" sign outside it. We thought that was a fantastic idea. It also gave the impression that the organisers had gone out of their way to ensure that there were items for males as well as females. Great to see.

Anyway, Mistress and I had a good wander, with her making a couple of purchases and me picking up some demos. I won't be able to try them on before the event ends in the 22nd (for reasons that'll become obvious) but it does mean I've got the details and landmarks for some shops I'll be visiting in the future.

Here's a few photos from our wander around the region:

At this point I should probably mention two until now unrelated things: during the walk-throughs of The Femdom Hunt V, and then during the hunt itself, cupcakes became a bit of a running gag with Mistress and I. See, there's at least one now-popular coffee cart that hands out drinks and cupcakes that lots of people seem to have on their regions. Every time we found one Mistress couldn't resist and so she was always eating cupcakes during the hunt. A constant stream of cupcakes (yes, even she's often wondered out she keeps her figure).

The second thing to mention is that, often, when we visit a shopping event, we seem to end up buying as many things from shops that aren't in the event as we do from those that are. How and why? Because shops that are in the events tend to decorate their shops with props from elsewhere and it's a fantastic way to find things like rugs, lighting, furniture, etc...

So, we we walked into one shop and saw this on the wall...

Mistress had to have it. And she knew just where she wanted it too.

So, after finishing up at Sad November we headed off to the shop that sold the sign and Mistress bought one, as a gift for me. She kept ownership of it, but it was for a special spot in the house, just for me -- a message from her to me. Before installing it I first had to change back into the belt and Mistress locked me up again...

...and then she took me to the cell room to install her gift to me.

The extra gag being, of course, that the cell is my home location in my SubHUD -- it's where I get sent if I violate curfew or wander into the wrong sort of region.

After that we moved to Mistress' office so I could pick my "payment" for being allowed to get dressed for an hour or so to go with her to the fair. Touching the book got me a payment of "Be cuffed, hands behind your back, on your knees, for 5 days". So much for looking forward to getting out of the hogtie!

Finally, after saying goodnight, Mistress suggested that I should really spend some time appreciating her lovely gift to me. So, as I slowly shuffled out of the office she walked into the cell room and used the cell's grab facility. The next thing I knew...

...I was in the cell with a one hour timer. A final little payment for being allowed to accompany Mistress on the trip.

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