Back on my feet

Today's the day. Today's the day that I finally get back on my feet. I don't get out of the belt until tomorrow (which might have influenced the theme for this week's dance.... might). So, after Mistress and I met in-world so I could have my cuffs unlocked (and locked again without chains -- she always keeps them locked on me unless there's something else I'm wearing that needs them to be removed), we turned out attention to outfits for the dance. Mine's pretty much sorted, of course, but Mistress needed to do some shopping.

There was one particular shop she wanted to have a look at that isn't on the MP. Given that I'm not really dressed to visit non-D/s type regions right now I was left at home. Well, given that I've been locked with my hands behind my back for a week or two I felt I deserved a treat while I waited...

Mistress returned from the shop sooner than I'd expected, so I got caught...

Thankfully, after the initial "what DO you think you're doing?!?", the was a lot of laughter. I think I got away with it. ;)

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