Wandering the mainland

As mentioned in the previous post I took a few photos during my 5 hours locked in the bane suit and left to wander the mainland. As with the last time this happened I wasn't really sure where I'd been dropped and, so, I simply decided to follow the road I was on and stick with it.

What follows is a few highlights from the wander. A full album of photos can be found over here.

One thing that was rather different with this walk vs the one on Zindra is that all the builds felt less planned, less coherent. Which sort of makes sense given I was in an actual city of sorts last time. Another feature was lots of roadside advertising:

I happened a a pretty strange sight not too far into my walk. Some way off the road (if you look carefully you can see me in the background) was a group of three avatars, all on empty roughed up land. Two of them were just hunched over in an afk pose:

and a third was kneeling, naked except for attachments:

While I made a point of sticking to the road I was on I did wander off to look at things that looked interesting, before heading back again. For some reason I couldn't help but wander and have a look at a random hole in the ground.

I made a point of not falling in. Lack of the ability to fly or TP meant that if I had I might have been stuck for the remainder of the 5 hours.

I was rather pleased to see that I featured on a roadside billboard, much to Mistress' horror when I showed her. ;)

Eventually I found my first significant landmark which, later, would help me figure out where I might have been:

Another helpful sign that might have been the name of a region (or a plot). I've not checked yet:

A little further and I appear to have stumbled on Victorian England:

...and even further again still some Victorian influence:

I didn't wander in as, when I cammed in (remind me never to mention to Mistress that Z&A Anti-Cam would be an evil addition to banishment), it looked really interesting but also very carefully made to a theme -- a theme I didn't want to spoil by having a latex-clad bane wandering around. I might have to work out where this place was so Mistress and I can go visit.

Eventually it was time for me to take a break in RL, so I found a handy place to park myself until I logged in again.

At this point I was about 1.5 hours in. I also decided that, when I came back, it'd make sense to relog every hour to minimise the impact of any possible rollback should I crash on a region crossing. While I'd made a decision to not use a vehicle of any sort this time (an act that caused me a 2 hour rollback the last time) I'm also well aware of the fact that even walking can cause a bad region crossing.

When I logged back in I did actually find a fun vehicle to have a go on:

This, however, just ran on a track around a plot. No region crossings involved. That seemed safe enough.

Not that I wasn't tempted at times:

Random ballet bane:

Eventually I spied, just off the road, what looked like a small gatcha reselling market. While Mistress and I have never been bitten by the gatcha bug she did grab most of a collection of joined dolls once. We saw them on a blog some time after a gatcha event had finished and she loves joined dolls. Between us we managed to get all but 3 of them and they all sit proudly in display cabinets in the house. Anyway, I decided to wander in and look at the tables on the off chance and...

There was one she didn't have! I was so happy, so overjoyed. When I'd next get to see her not only would she be happy that I'd served my time but I'd have a gift for her too!

Not everything on the wander was great though. There was a moment spent twitching at an instance of a grocer's apostrophe. ;)

One thing I did notice, when compared to my walk around Karma, was how empty this place was. There were times when I walked a good 2 or 3 regions without seeing a single roadside prim.

While food isn't an issue for banes, of course, I did find a roadside diner with rather friendly, if rather tall, staff.

This location also had other attractions like a photobooth:

as well as places to exercise:

Another thing I noticed was that the mainland appears to be getting littered with broken autonomous vehicles again:

I got run over a few times by them. And I'm guessing that's what happened to this poor individual too:

Eventually, with about 10 minutes left to go, I stumbled on a "you are here" map. See the red dot to the south of the island:

I studied the map for a little bit and then wandered outside to wait for the helmet to unlock:

At which point I could teleport home again.

As much as I enjoyed the enforced break, and as much fun as it was exploring and taking photos, it was really nice to be back home again, in Miss Vila's house.

Later that evening Mistress turned up to see how I was and how I'd got on. Which is when I got to surprise her with her gift. She was so delighted, so very happy. Very, very, happy:

Her new doll was then put on display:

and I was allowed to massage her feet while we sat and had a talk for an hour before I had to head off to (SL and RL) bed.

The perfect end to a very interesting day.

While I didn't think to record exact numbers, it looks like my Sub-Allowance recorded that I used about 20,000m of walk. That might be the furthest I've walked in one "go" in SL yet.

And, talking of allowance, there's still another 5 hours to do in the bane suit. But before then Mistress has decided I should knock off at least one other payment...

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