Back to my old self, for now

After 19 days locked as Miss Vila's pony I'm back to my old self. We unexpectedly had a little time together today so, given that my 18 days expired yesterday afternoon, Mistress reluctantly decided that it was time to release me.

(if I'm honest I was rather reluctant too -- I think "Miss Vila's pony" might be my favourite long-term BDSM situation/outfit). After much clicking and unlocked I was back in my normal cuffs, etc.

Of course, the issue now is that, being free from the pony gear, I have a fairly long backlog to catch up on. The other issue is that I've got a few products that need photographing. While I did very recently turn one of the Z&A test avatars into a body double for myself just in case it got really awkward, I always prefer that it's me in the photos if possible -- it feels more genuine that way. Mistress understood and was kind enough to put off starting work on the list until tomorrow. So, I have one evening of relative freedom to get the photography done.

The main hope now is that I manage to make it to next weekend's Raven Park dance without getting totally locked up in something again. There's a plan for the dance already and I'd hate to miss out. ;)

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