New boots (and a dress)

New boots and a dress for Miss Vila, that is. ;)

Last night was a great example of one of those occasions where the initial plan gets derailed by something lovely that turns up. When Mistress and I got together I passed her a notecard that Miss Eve had given me that had details of the release of a set of boots that she'd very obviously like. The original reason for going in-world sort of got forgotten as we headed off into demo-trying territory (well, Mistress tried the demos, I just stood, hobbled, in her studio, providing feedback and thoughts).

It was decided that the boots should be acquired, which then meant a new dress had to be acquired, which then meant the right stockings had to be found, which meant..... The final result was rather lovely.

By this time Mistress was rather exhausted (apparently it was terribly inconvenient of me that I was hobbled and not in a state where I could accompany her and carry her bags) and it was also past my bedtime.

Talking of bedtime.... Just one more to go and then I get out of the hobble. Of course, at that point, I'm likely due back in the bane suit for the second 5 hour banishment session. And after that there's the rest of the allowance payment backlog to serve. Meanwhile, I'll be needing more top-ups for various things.

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