Out of the iso helmet (and a final Goth Fair visit)

A little earlier today, given that the required time was up, Mistress released me from the "roller bane" outfit I've been locked in for the past couple of days. It was quite a contrast too, going from the very dark world I've been in:

...to something a lot brighter:

Unlocked, I changed into a fresh outfit so we could make a last visit to the Goth Fair. While changing Mistress discovered a little prank I'd left for her last night. The previous day she'd joking told me that I wasn't to leave any tire marks in the house or there'd be trouble. Well, I couldn't let that pass could I?

After conveying her amused displeasure she teleported us away so we could take a look around the last bits of the fair. Again, there wasn't much for me (the PG region seemed to be pretty light on things relevant for male avatars) but Mistress found a handful more demos.

Having finally seen the whole of the fair it was time to head home again. Once we got home Mistress decided to knock another item off my allowance backlog. This time it's to be locked in nothing but a chastity belt for 24 hours. After a very heavily-restricted week this feels rather odd. Thankfully it allows me to do a job I've been wanting to do all week: rearrange part of the Z&A main store so that the newer product ranges have space to expand as we retire the older ones.

First though Miss Vila had other plans for me. She'd not forgotten about the tire marks and so, when we got home, she used my Sub HUD's invisible leash to leash me to a bucket for 1/2 hour of in-world time and ordered me to clean up.

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