Apparently I'm not The Law

Last night's 2000AD dance was really fun and the outfits looked great. While it seems that there's not a lot going on on the marketplace in terms of 2000AD gear, and especially Judge outfits, I managed to cobble something together from a couple of purchases. I also find a neat Jude badge maker on the web too, resulting in this:

Come the end of the dance though I managed to get caught out again. As I've mentioned before Mistress used the curfew system of the Z&A Sub HUD to ensure I'm never in world later than 2am my local time (it force TPs me to my cell if I am), but she also has the "exception" facility turned on that means I'm safe if I'm within about 5m of her. The dance finished past 2am and Mistress TPd down to the ground, leaving me more than 5m from her, resulting in:

Seems my status as a Judge counted for nothing. I tried to argue my case but Mistress wasn't going to give in. If I'm in my cell I'm in my cell and I have to do the time. The time being randomly set to 57 minutes.

It's a tough life being a Judge on Miss Vila's sim....

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