Roller bane

Another day, another allowance payment. Last night Mistress and I spent a little time together and, while doing so, having served my time on the quadcopter, I was locked in a new outfit from the current backlog: the roller bane.

This is an outfit that got put together, mostly by accident, back in February, and that Mistress really liked. Consequently it got added to the list when it got rewritten. For the next couple of days my world is going to be very dark and spooky.

On top of that I'm denied a few other things. For one I can't change outfits. For another I'm denied the ability to start an IM session. If a group IM opens, or someone IMs me, I can take part. On the other hand I can't open a group chat or IM someone I'm not already speaking to. I'm also denied the ability to say anything in local. Just to make life more interesting I'm also denied the ability to see my location, my mini-map, the world map, avatar names or hover text. All of these things combine to make my SL not impossible, but very awkward.

I was planning on rearranging the shop this evening but, right now, I'm not sure that's really going to be possible. While I do have the right to edit and move things it's made almost impossible by the fact that I can't see more than 20m.

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