Another day, another item being knocked off my allowance payment list. This time it's having my cuffs locked so that I'm hobbled and can only move slowly, for 3 days.

While this is nowhere near as debilitating as the bane suit -- the main thing being that I can actually get on with Z&A business -- it slows me down a lot and does dictate where I can and can't go. Sitting on objects more than 1.5m away is denied (so I can't cam across the room, or the sim, and "sit TP" my way over). Walk is very very slow and crawls to a halt after a short while unless I take my finger off the forward key and start again. I can't can't fly or even really jump. The latter really dictates where I can go because I can only hop up very small steps and inclines.

The wrist cuffs are, thankfully, more locked for show than anything else. They're not applying any restriction other than an inability to detach them.

That said, Mistress did point out that, locked like this, there's no way I could possibly change outfits so she promptly used my Sub-HUD to deny any clothing changes. This seemed to please her rather a lot as she seems to have a bit of a liking for what I'm wearing at the moment.

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