Another quick visit to the Goth Fair

Earlier today Mistress and I managed to get about 50 minutes in-world so we decided to head off to the Goth Fair again. So far we've done the adult and moderate areas and there's just the third location left. Despite my current state we didn't really see an issue with my outfit which, really, is roller-skating Tron-a-like spaceman thing. Given that we want to see it all before it finishes this weekend we headed off.

This, however, was going to be an interesting visit for me. We'd very quickly dipped in the first time we visited as there was a specific shop I wanted to visit and one thing we noticed was that it was the least dark of all the locations. So it's a little ironic that the Z&A Isolation Helmet that I'm locked in right now made it the darkest yet!

This time around I did no shopping, mostly because I didn't see anything that really took my fancy. On the other hand we found some very interesting items for Miss Vila and she's grabbed quite a few demos (she was especially excited to see someone making some rather interesting eyebrows). I'm looking forward to seeing what she thinks of them.

Mostly though all I did was skate around behind Mistress and, at any possible opportunity, remind her that I was struggling to see anything. "Oh, look at that!" "I can't Miss, it's too dark". Etc...

At one point I did remind Miss Vila that the helmet has different levels of forced darkness and that she could lighten it for the duration of the visit to the fair. A reply of "Why on Earth would I want to do that?" made it pretty clear I wasn't getting away with that.

Sadly, all too soon, because I had a RL commitment, it was time to head home and say goodnight.

There's just a little bit of the fair left which, hopefully, we'll get to cover in the next day or so.

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