Things are backing up

I've been a little quieter than usual on the blogging front for the last few days. One reason is that I've been pretty focused on things in-world, working on at least 4 different builds for different purposes, but another is that I've not had much to say by way of what's become my "allowance diary" due to my current situation. You see, I'm still locked as Mistress' pony and, as mentioned before, I'm not getting out of this until at least Saturday at the earliest.

That doesn't mean that the allowance system has come to a standstill. Not in the least. Every time I need a top-up I still have to use the punishment picker (or, while I'm banned from the house, the Misfortune Cookies) and the resulting payment is being added to a list that I'll have to work through once I'm out of the pony gear. Here's how the list stands right now:

  • Be left leashed naked to a public leash post on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 1 hour.
  • Be hobbled by ankle cuffs and hands cuffed with thumbcuffs for 3 days.
  • Be a roller bane for 2 days.
  • Be caged for 5 hours and gagged for 2 hours.
  • Be banished in a bane suit on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 5 hours.
This is going to make for a very busy time next week. I might even have to try and bargain a little bit of "free" time just so I can photograph some products that need photographing, an act that will doubtless cost me more. Of course, the whole allowance system is sort of made worse right now by the fact that I'm having to walk lots to try and fully train up my pony boots, which means my walk allowance is still getting used quicker than it normally would.

Times like this I wonder how anyone manages to ever be in a position to be "bored" in SL. ;)


  1. I wonder too, Antpony (yes, that nick has to be ;-) ). There are ups and downs here but with the right people this is a colourful wonderland! And no pills needed!

    1. I so agree. Sure, we all have our off days, and sometimes the creative juices aren't quite flowing, but there's almost always something to amuse or enthral us.