As I've mentioned a few times before, I'm not really one for going to dances on my own. It's the sort of thing I do with Miss Vila or not at all (except when Z&A sponsor a dance or two). But, yesterday, when Miss Eve announced the theme of that afternoon's dance (SciFi and comic book heroes) it was too good to pass up (and nicely coincidental with this weekend's Raven Park dance too).

I spent a bit of time pondering outfits but, in the end, I found just the thing on the marketplace. I decided to go as Rorschach.

The outfit/avatar itself isn't perfect, the inside of the coat is invisible so it doesn't look quite right from the front if your legs are open any distance (something that'll happen when you're dancing) and I'd say that, with the supplied shape (which also deforms), the legs look a little too skinny. Those couple of minor quibbles aside I was very pleased with it, especially given that the pattern on the mask actually does move and change.

The dance itself was fun and, as always, Miss Eve had a great set going. I took a bunch of photos which you can see over on this album.

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