After a fairly busy couple of weeks Mistress is now starting work on claiming the backlog of allowance payments. Since I last wrote about it, earlier this month, the list has grown some more. As of a little earlier the list looked like this:

  • Be hobbled by ankle cuffs and hands cuffed for 3 days.
  • Be a roller bane for 2 days.
  • Be caged for 5 hours and gagged for 2 hours.
  • Be banished in a bane suit on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 5 hours.
  • Be banished in a bane suit on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 5 hours.
  • Wear a vehicle (and outfit) of your Domme’s choice for 5 hours.
  • Wear nothing but a chastity belt for 1 day.

Mistress decided that she'd kick off with 5 hours in the bane suit. At her request I quickly changed into my suit...

...and then I realised something. The last time this happened my walk allowance became a worry. I had to carefully manage time vs wandering to ensure I didn't run out of walk. Because of this I asked Mistress if I could have a double top-up of walk so I knew I'd be okay. She was, of course, more than happy to oblige, as long as I picked two payments...

While doing so it was also decided that I should really get a TP top-up too to be on the safe side. So, while one instance of 5 hours in the bane suit has come off the list (well, is coming of the list), the following got added:

  • Be denied teleport, confined to a sim of your Domme’s choice, for 3 hours.
  • Be confined to a Pod Prison of your Domme’s choice for 3 hours.
  • Be blindfolded for 2 hours and also gagged for 3 hours.

It seems the list really isn't getting any shorter!

Anyway, all that done and my Sub-Allowance topped up, Miss Vila slapped the helmet shut...

...and then TPd me somewhere on the mainland.

Once again, I'm not entirely sure where I am. I'm denied the ability to see location details, as well as maps, names, etc... And of course any form of TP is denied until the helmet unlocks. So this is me for the next 5 hours in-world, cut off from everything and left to explore.

Expect more photos.

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