There's a new shop in town... (and a slight reprieve)

Well, not exactly a new shop, but a new building. And, okay, Raven Park and Z&A isn't exactly a town either... But you get the idea. A building that's as much a part of Raven Park as Z&A or the Mansion just got an update. This is a building that's a great place for kitty story time, and which was one of the few things I got to see during a short holiday I once had. This is a building that was the first one rezzed on Raven Park rentals.

And now it's changed, and bigger. Miss Eve has rebuilt her store:

Mistress and I popped over earlier today to have a good look (and to move some trees around -- one of them was getting over-friendly with the new shop). The logo overlooking Raven Park is looking especially nice:

Regular readers might also wonder why I'm still wandering around behind Mistress in "normal" clothing, given that there's a growing backlog of allowance payments to work through. (Un)fortunately Mistress' RL got unexpectedly busy so that's had to be delayed for a day or so. And it got a little worse too. While stood at the new Evelock, chatting with Miss Eve about shops and allowances and the like I ran out of talk allowance. There and then Miss Vila brought out the Misfortune Cookies and had me pick payment for more talk.

It came out as "Be banished in a bane suit on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 5 hours." The same as the last one I picked. That's now 10 hours locked in a bane suit! I can only hope that Mistress will take pity on me and let me do it in two 5 hour sessions.

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