An unfortunate top-up

Yesterday evening, after a long weekend of not seeing her, Mistress and I finally got together. While she'd kept up with my banishment exploits by viewing the album on imgur this was the first time we'd got to chat in person since I'd done it.

I was also getting rather low on my teleport allowance (in fact I only had the 1 teleport left -- if I'd gone anywhere the only way I could have got home again would be to use the emergency TP button, which would land me in my cell) so I had to ask for a top-up too. Mistress also suggested that we should see about me paying off some more of the allowance payment backlog. Before she did though it was time to pick another payment from the punishment picker to pay for the extra TPs.

That didn't go so well.

When Mistress rewrote the contents of the picker to better please her she added a "Domme's wildcard" punishment. The idea being that, if that comes up, she gets to pick anything she likes (either on the list or not). I cheekily suggested that perhaps there should be a sub's wildcard too, I get to pick my own "punishment". Mistress agreed that that was a good idea and she'd add it but with the addition of "and pick another 3 punishments" on the end.

And that's just the one I picked. So, while I do get to choose my own payment at some point in the near future, I also now had these added to the list too:

  • Be confined to a Pod Prison of your Domme’s choice for 5 hours.
  • Wear the metal yoke for 3 hours.
  • Be gagged for 3 hours.

So, rather than the list getting shorter, it's getting longer and longer (and now I'm looking at two long sessions in Pod Prisons too!).

Anyway, Mistress decided that she'd make a start on things. She picked two items off the current list and combined them. She decided to lock me on a vehicle of her choice (in an outfit of her choice) for 5 hours and she combined that with the just-picked 3 hours in a gag. Mistress decided that the Z&A Light Bulb Gag and Quadcopter would make for an amusing combination:

Being rather proud of her idea she then leashed me to her and stormed off across the sim, very obviously with a plan in mind...

Soon, as we sat together, and the Sun went down, it became obvious what she'd thought of. Apparently I make an excellent reading light:

Eventually it was time for us to log out again so we headed home. Mistress informed me that I was banned from the house while locked on the Quadcopter, a decision she might possibly regret. She decided to get into bed for a nap but, for some reason, all she could hear was this constant buzzing of electric motors just outside her bedroom window...

I can't imagine what the cause could have been. *looks all innocent*

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