A short naked rest

The slight reprieve from the allowance backlog is sort of continuing. In part this is because Mistress is still rather busy in RL, but at the moment my commitments in SL (to Z&A and Raven Park) mean that some of the bigger items on the list aren't terribly feasible. While nothing would delight Miss Vila more than to lock me in the bane suit for a few hours there's the small matter of needing a set building for this weekend's dance, and picking an outfit for it, and even being in a position to attend. So, at the moment, things are kind of on hold until Sunday at the earliest.

Mistress did decide, however, that I should at least serve out the shortest payment: spending an hour leashed naked on a region of her choice. After much deliberation she decided that I should have a break from our region and she dragged me over to The Velvet Thorn. While, unlike at Raven Park, nudity isn't permitted in the main public areas, it's okay down on the ground.

And so a nice spot was found and I was stripped.

Mistress then used my Sub-HUD to deny all clothing and to lock all attachment points, denying adding or removing anything. She then used the Sub-HUD to leash me to the spot -- this had the effect of only letting me walk a couple or so metres from that position as well as denying any form of teleporting. Finally she set a timer on the HUD for an hour, said goodnight and headed off to bed.

As it was it was pretty quiet on the ground so I spent the next hour just idly camming around and taking in the sights. It's quite a while since I visited the ground at VT and much had changed.

Eventually the timer ran down and I could head home again, and get dressed. Which meant I could then get on with the build for this weekend...

It's still in the early stages but I think it's going to make sense.

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