Goth fair and banished again

Mistress and I went in-world today with three things planned. The first was to unlocked me from the hobble I've been in the past 3 days. The second was to make second visit to the World Goth Fair. The third was to set me up for the second 5 hour period of banishment that I owe her.

After unlocking me and giving me permission to get dressed we both headed off to the fair. This time the plan was to have a look around the moderate region. It didn't get off to the best of starts in that we started out on the adult region and went to walk along the path into the next region... only to find that the path went phantom and dropped us 1km out of the sky and under the water.

One quick TP later and we were back on track.

Once again we found the collection of shops a lot more inviting and interesting than last year (not that last year's was bad, far from it, but there was a bigger selection this time around), although we did detect a bit of a common theme when it came to creators using kit mesh rigged clothing. Both of us made purchases, and both of us even had a bit of fun on the odd gatcha machine too -- even if Mistress was concerned that the gatcha pond might ruin her new boots.

I'm rather excited that I got a neat-looking Union Flag jacket from Paper Moon and, when I next have access to my inventory, I'll be eagerly working out an outfit or two for it.

Having eventually got to the end of our wander we headed home and I was ordered out of my clothing and back into the bane suit.

Before being locked I asked Mistress if I could get a top-up for my walk allowance. While I did have almost 30km left I was very aware of the fact that I'd got through around 20km during the last period of banishment and so I wanted to make sure I had plenty. I was nervous about doing this given that the current backlog of allowance payments doesn't seem to be shrinking much -- each one being knocked off causing another to be added, something that really started with the extended period of being locked as Mistress' pony. But, a top-up was needed, so it was into the office to use the punishment picker to select my payment...

...which turned out to be 9 days locked as Mistress' pony, again! At this rate I think I'll never work the list off. Miss Vila just laughed and slapped the helmet shut and locked it.

I was then taken to the starting point she'd selected for me. I don't know exactly where I am (as usual I can't see the parcel or region name and I have no access to maps) but I do know I'm somewhere on Zindra again. I was also given an extra clue in that I was told I was at the edge of the grid. I take this to mean that I'm starting out somewhere on the east edge of Zindra.

We said our goodnights (well, Mistress said goodnight, I'm not allowed to speak in the helmet) and both returned to RL where I actually got to say goodnight.

And so begins another 5 hours of wandering and exploring while cut off from the world around me.

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