A day in the iso suit

Sadly, due to RL issues, I didn't get to see Mistress yesterday but we got to catch up today. We met up at home and had a chat about my little adventure during banishment while Mistress also looked over the list with a few to knocking something else off.

Before that though I needed to request a couple more top-ups; one for TPs (I was down to just the one) and one for chat (not something I use that much, but I only had a handful of lines left and sometimes I need them when testing things).

Using the book to pick the two payments I got "Be a butterfly/caterpillar for 3 days" (much to Mistress' very obvious delight -- it's her very favourite item on the list) and "Go walkabout, in an outfit of your Domme’s choice, for 2 hours" (although she was rather disappointed that it was only for 2 hours, this one delighted Mistress too).

After this Mistress announced that she was going to collect on the payment of me spending a (RL) day in the tkISO suit. I was sort of looking forward to this one too as I will admit to liking the very anonymous and objectified look.

Thing is though, I'd sort of forgotten about the HUD and the forced windlight setting.

Hearing me exclaim my surprise when it all got put on amused Mistress no end. The worst part about it is that I've recently improved things in my machine such that I can run with advanced lighting on all the time now. This means that I can get the most out of the look of the suit. Except... with the forced darkness, it's really hard to see much. Mistress did jokingly suggest that I needed a facelight so I could see the suit better...

...but she soon used her veto when I put mine on.

So this is me until I see Mistress tomorrow. While I can work, and while I'm not totally isolated (I'm denied the ability to start IM sessions, but I can IM if someone contacts me first), it's hard not to feel constrained by the smaller workable screen area and the view of the world.

Still, there's this box I'm working on...

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