More prim/FS/PI oddness

A little earlier I was setting up this week's releases in the shop. As usual we normally set the boards up in the workshop (or, in this case, out on the build platform in front of the workshop seeing as how there was rather a lot of them this time) and then, when I'm ready to move them to the shop, I pick a point in the shop and paste the coordinates into each of the boards to send them down.

Keep in mind the workshop is a couple of km above the shop.

So I send all 8 boards down and then take the TP pad down to the shop. They're not there! I go back up to the workshop and they're still up there! So I send them down again, go down after them and... they're not there! This time I head back up to the workshop and also log the shop alt in on the last version of Firestorm that doesn't have Project Interesting as part of it.

Here's what I see in Firestorm 4.6.9:

Keep in mind that it's the bottom row I'd sent down, yet they appeared to be still up on the build platform. Now, the same scene as seen at the same time by the shop alt you can see in the picture above:

And, sure enough, when I sent him down to the shop the boards I'd sent down were down there, for him.

I relogged to find the boards in the shop too.

I give in...

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