A visit to Shoregate

Having seen this post from Some a couple or so days ago Mistress and I decided that we had to go visit at some point soon and check out the build. Today was that day. I've got a whole album of photos from the visit over on imgur, here's a few highlights:

Materials have been used all over the build and
I tried running with ALM on for a while
to enjoy them. Sadly though my machine
really isn't up to the task so I had to turn it
off again. Thankfully the build is designed
such that you don't miss out if you can't
use ALM.
The new Drow Science main store!
Of course, Mistress managed to find this...
...and she couldn't resist having a drink.
Stumbled on a little bit of Z&A!
A familiar sight from a Raven Park Steampunk dance.
A poor captive Air Kraken? There should be
laws against such a thing!
The elevated tramway looks cool although, from
what we could tell, wasn't up and running yet. It'll be
cool to be able to return and take a ride some time.
There's a decidedly creepy end to town...

In the last image above Mistress was admiring a plant she'd found in a building there. A plant she adores. So, as she was looking it over I quickly inspected the creator and headed off to the marketplace. So when we got home...

From now on I'm going to have to be extra careful when I come down the stairs or use the TP pad to get to and from the workshop.

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