Before I was unlocked...

I think I got use to the environment of the tkISO suit much quicker this time when compared to last time. Although I did feel rather restrained by it last night I did manage to get a fair bit of building and scripting done on a (non-RLV) pet project that I'm working on at the moment. I had to leave some final texture decisions until I was unlocked, but I got things done.

Waking up in-world this morning was actually rather enjoyable though. There's something about the combination of ALM and the environment of the suit that makes SL look kind of awesome.

As of the time of writing though I'm out of the suit.

Mistress and I got to spend quite a bit of time together today, working on our background join pet project. It's coming along really nicely and, as normally happens, is heading off in a totally different direction than we'd first planned. Which is what makes it all the more fun. There's nothing I enjoy more, nothing that makes me feel more proud to be hers, than when we both riff off each other and see where our heads take us.

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