Banished for an hour

There's not been much to write about the allowance list the past few days because various things have conspired such that Mistress hasn't been in a position to collect on the payments. As well as it having being a Raven Park dance weekend (which generally does make it tricky) we've also started work on the new build project so quite a bit of time has being going into that.

As it did today. But that didn't stop Mistress from collecting on one of the payments before she headed to bed. The one she decided to collect was an hour locked in the bane helmet and left to wander somewhere on the mainland (yes, she was rather offended that it was only an hour).

After locking the helmet (and having to set a couple of things up again -- I'd just recently updated the helmet; the first time since I purchased it in early 2010!) Mistress teleported me to.... somewhere. I had no clue as to where it was.

We said our goodnights and she made it clear that I needed to follow the path, and that it would end pretty quickly but that I should look around and I'd see that it would carry on. Which all sounded rather interesting; it sounded like she had a destination in mind for me. So, off I went.

A chance to leave the path, but this wasn't the end of it.

Unlike previous banishments, I couldn't stop for a sit down.
Mistress had added "sitting" as a protocol violation!
The path ended, but there was a dirt track
heading up. So I walked up.
And up...
And up...
At the top: a building!
With something glowing inside.
Some sort of shrine to the cube!

A very old map on the wall.

Back outside I tried to get a feel for where I was.
Couldn't work it out.

After exploring the building and the surrounding area for a while I decided to retrace my steps. The hour was almost up so I thought I'd fill what remained with a bit more wandering. Once the timer ran out on the helmet I headed back home again, and didn't think to actually have a look at where I'd been. While I could look in my TP history I'm going to wait until I see Mistress tomorrow and find out from her.

I think I'll have to pay it a return visit. It's a very curious place.

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