Another hour in prison

Mistress and I dropped in-world today to carry on working on our new build project, only for it to turn into a rather frustrating wasted hour where nothing really got done. Mistress, when we're doing big builds, loves to use Skidz Primz to help build. Unfortunately it didn't seem to be behaving itself (she's not used it since we built the new shop) so an update/redelivery seemed to be in order. Thing is, al the docs and online information say to go to their in-world shop and use a redelivery terminal.

After spending more time than we care to admit looking for a redelivery terminal we gave up.

So, after that, Mistress decided it was time to collect another payment. On the list was an hour in a cell somewhere (much to her disgust -- she's never keen on something that has "one" in it), so...

...I was teleported to her new favourite place.

At this point I noticed that I was getting low on TPs again so asked Mistress if I could get a top-up. No sooner had I asked than the Misfortune Cookies appeared...

...and I'd earned a payment of spending a day in the tkISO suit (likely to cause annoyance to Mistress because it was just the one day).

Mistress then found a free small corner cell for me, in the ground floor! (at least last time I was up on the first floor, away from the general crowd).

With the door locked, the key taken and the timer set Mistress said goodnight and headed home, leaving me to an hour in the cell.

At one point during the hour I actually had a neighbour, although we didn't talk (she kept appearing and disappearing too).

Finally though the hour was up and I was free to go again.

After leaving a tip to say thank you to the owners I headed off to go shopping for bits to make the dance platform for this weekend's dance.

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