A visit to Hildesmeer

It's coming up to 2 years now since we finally caved into the constant nagging and launched an affiliate programme. One of the side effects of this is that we get to learn of adult-oriented places we'd likely never otherwise hear of. Often I'll briefly drop in and have a look at a place. Recently though one cropped up that Mistress and I fancied taking a stroll around.

The place in question is the region called Hildesmeer, which contains the BDSM Club Japan. There's a mall there with lots of affiliate boards and, of course, a club of some description. There's also a couple of regions connected either side.

Sure enough, there's a spot in the market there that has some of out vendor boards:

as well as boards for other names we recognise:

The main part of the region seems to have a medieval European feel to it:

Castles are dotted around the place:

As normally happens when we're out and about Mistress did manage to find food...

...but sadly it didn't give up anything to eat when touched. We did find a cafe/bar sort of thing but the service was shocking...

Eventually we did find somewhere to eat but I don't think Mistress was too impressed with sitting on the floor.

Before too long though it was time to head home and tuck Mistress up in the comfort of her own bed.

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