A skating trip

Mistress and I celebrated the start of the new year by finally heading out on a trip to go skating. Much like last year (actually, technically, the year before last year, but a year ago...) it took a couple of goes to find somewhere where there was  nice relaxed couple's skate system that'd let us skate around while we took photos and talked away to each other.

We started out on the mainland, in the snow lands...

...but, although we found a frozen lake, there didn't seem to be anything that'd aid couple's skating. We did find a rather neat ski lift with skiing and we made a note to head back there some time and try it out.

Eventually though we found just the place. While heavily Christmas-themed rather than just winter-themed it had a really nice skate system, a long and varied path that the skating system took, and plenty of scenery to keep it interesting (even if they did mix polar bears and penguins on the same region). Here's a few photos from our time skating away:

After we'd done enough skating we took a trip on that region's ski lift. I'm not brilliant with heights so I might look a little nervous:

Mistress was, of course, her usual calm and collected self.

Once up the top of the mountain we had a little bit more of an explore but, really, it was getting rather late for Mistress so we headed home and tucked her up in bed. But not before I requested a top-up for walk and TPs and... got free top-ups!

I'm not sure if that delights or worries me. Hopefully it was just a new year treat...

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