Levelled up

Today I had some time to kill and didn't want to get into a build and be interrupted so, instead, I headed off to Kama city again to try and level up my ballet boots. When I got there I had about 80% on level 2 and the Sun was close to setting. Off I went...

Lots of walking, falling and swearing at curbs later, and with the Sun well and truly set...

I finally made it! I'm now 0% of the way through level 3. Keep in mind that there's 3 levels to get through and each level takes longer than the last. I honestly can't even remember how long (in terms of time spent walking) it's supposed to take but I can tell it's going to take an awful long time.

Even more so given I'm not perma-locked in them so it's not a case of I'm doing this all the time. At this rate I can see I'll still be working on them, on and off, well into the year.

At which point Mistress will likely roll them back a level and keep them on that 'cos she likes seeing me fall over. It's what she did with my pony boots.

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