A quick catch-up

On top of this last weekend being one of our "RL gets in the way of us seeing each other" weekends the past 24 hours have been catastrophically busy for both Mistress and I. So it was a wonderful treat to finally meet up, even for a little bit.

This gave me the chance to ensure Mistress had the small gift that I got her to mark the anniversary of the collaring. Although she did get the chance to open it this really wasn't the time to try it out so we've left that for another day (and I'll write about what it is when we do).

Meanwhile, I needed a top-up for my TP allowance and Mistress also had one eye on my allowance list with a view to collecting another payment. Before deciding what to collect she allowed me to pick a payment for the top-up and that got me "Wear an outfit of your Domme's choice for 4 days". Which Mistress decided to collect on right away...

So, until Friday, I'm locked in the *KaS* ballet boots and corset, a latex catsuit and also the MD gask mask. There's no real harsh restrictions applied, although the boots are hobbled together so I can only walk slowly. Also the gas mask is kind of gagging me in local chat (in other words it garbles what I say).

There's a couple or so very scary payments still on the list but Mistress felt this would do for now.

Of course, things might get a lot worse once she gets to grips with her gift...

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