Testing the gift

Today Mistress and I headed in-world so she could finally unpack and have a play with the gift I got her at the weekend.

Although we initially met in the house we thought it best to head up to the workshop so we'd have plenty of space and none of those "rezzing on a mesh floor" issues.

As for the gift I got her? Well, normally I tend to go for clothing or household items, as you'll have seen on this blog in the past. But, this time, seeing as how it was a gift for our collaring anniversary, I thought it might be fun to buy Mistress something that's heavily RLV-based. Most RLV things are things I'd wear so this made a nice change. The gift was the MoDesign Inventory Access Control system.

The whole thing is really well thought out. You get a set of different props that are all nicely animated and which, in conjunction with a HUD that the sub wears, controls access to your inventory and rights to things related to inventory.

The areas of control are:

  • Ability to rez and edit
  • Ability to edit and view scripts
  • Ability to edit and view notecards
  • Ability to view textures from inventory
  • Ability to access inventory
Obviously some of these are predicated on other things being available. For example, being allowed to script isn't much use if you can't edit objects and don't have access to your inventory. That sort of thing. Given that I think it's fair to say that it's not a system you use lightly -- it's one of those fascinating RLV products that takes time and thought to get the most out of it and which, over time, reveals modes of use you'd not originally considered (much like Mistress' use of Sub-Allowance and the Punishment Picker).

After a very brief play around with it Mistress quickly realised and decided that this wasn't something I'd be able to use all of the time. On the one hand she liked the idea of having these control objects set on a table or shelf in the workshop, only allowing me to work on stuff when I'm in the workshop (or on sim -- the owner can configure the "sphere of influence" of these objects and there seems to be no on-sim distance limit). On the other hand she realised that this could be very awkward if I needed to fix things off-sim (sometimes I need to go tweak things at mall locations, and I also need to stuff the dropboxes for CasperVend at our backup location).

Our needs, given we run a region and a business, are rather particular and likely unusual. Having all inventory access disappear just because I've gone somewhere else wouldn't work out too well. Ideally access would be granted for a set period of time, that Mistress could define, which would expire once I'm out of range. In other words it'd be best for us if I could go and "charge up" my edit/rez/inv privileges before heading off elsewhere, careful to remember that (for example) Mistress had granted 30 minutes before the rights expired.

Like I say though: our needs and our way of working is probably unusual for most people who'd use this.

Having tried the different permutations of what could and couldn't be done Mistress decided that the best use for this would be to add it as an item in the allowance payment list. The idea being that, sometimes, I'll spend a few days under the control of this.

For now it's all packed back away in Mistress' inventory but it'll be coming back out again, no question.

Before we said goodnight in-world I made the mistake of mentioning to Mistress a problem that I have with the MD gas mask (it's one I have mentioned before). The mask has huge horns attached to it which, normally (for me anyway), are invisible. Often, when my camera angle is in the normal position, I'll find myself touch them rather than touching some thing in-world that I'm trying to touch. It's not unusual to find me trying, and failing, to open a door; before I then realise my mistake and I'm swearing at the helmet.

Mistress said she'd happily for that for me.

I should have known better...

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