Hit and run (around)

Before Mistress left for the week I asked her to lock my MD ballet boots on me. For one thing I rather fancied (and needed) something restricting to remind me of her; for another they need training and this week seemed like a good time to do that given that allowance tracking is turned off until she gets back.

Yesterday saw rolling restarts return to the grid, starting with RC regions. Given that our region is a Le Tigre region I had to abandon the workshop for the better part of an hour while we got our update/restart. I decided to put the time to good use and head over to Zindra and go for a walk around Kama City, training my boots as I went.

It was a little scary at times though, with regions by the side of me disappearing, meaning that sometimes half the road would disappear!

One funny incident happened not long before our region came back and I could head home. I was walking down the road (yeah, I know, that wasn't a smart move) and, as you do in the ballet boots, I fell over. A few moments later I could hear the noise of an engine behind me and a car more or less ran me over and carried on!

On my screen the whole thing looked hilarious and the timing was perfect (one of those times where I wish you could replay and record what's happening). The driver did actually strop further down the road and IM to say hi and check if everything was fine (which it was). I also made a point of getting up on the path. He then reversed down the road to come say hello, and I managed to fall down again just as he did.

After that we had a little bit of a natter about his car and his business (which, unsurprisingly enough, is vehicle building). As much as I like being a mostly-reclusive builder sometimes it is fun to just get out and about and let random things happen.

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