More shopping, then hogtied for the weekend

Yesterday Mistress and I went shopping again. After the previous day's trip to Romp it was the turn of The Secret Affair. Mistress already had a list of things she wanted to look at and get demos for so there was a very clear plan for the day. So it was on with the shopping bags and off we went...

The build itself is stunning and really well laid out, if a little hard on the viewer (both of us suffered from a good bit of client-side lag, presumably from the abundance of textures visible in such a small area). As intended, lots of demos were grabbed -- both of items that Mistress wanted to try and also of items that we discovered along the way. I even saw something I quite liked the look of (Mistress liked it too) and will have to go back and pick it up next week some time.

While there were a few gatcha machines around it was nice to see that they weren't overdone. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing something you really like the look of, only to find that you have to waste time and money playing a gatcha to get it (or, more likely, walking off and forgetting about it).

Once done we headed home and into Mistress' studio so she could try the demos on. I think this might have been the first time ever that we've come back from a shopping trip and every demo has gone into the "go back and buy" pile. Some of the items she picked up looked stunning on her.

All too soon though it was Mistress' bedtime and the start of a weekend where we won't get to see each other. Mistress got dressed again (and I threw on something to sort of match) and we headed back down to the house, where she reminded me that the allowance list needed working on.

As "luck" would have it there was an item that I should remain hogtied, only able to shuffle around to get where I need, for 3 days. That'd take us to when we next see each other. So, with the click of locks, I was swiftly dealt with.

While I am able to get around slowly I can't "sit tp" anywhere. That means that if I want to be somewhere I can either do a normal TP (and use my TP allowance, making things worse again) or I can shuffle the long way. This tie is also one where I can't get up the stairs of the house. So, last night, and until Monday, I get to sleep with the cats.

I can't (and never would) complain though. At least I can build and get things done. For now. There's a couple of items left on the list that will make that pretty impossible and I fear they'll be coming up soon.

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