Miss Vila's Ass

Today, after a perm/pack session on some new Z&A products (out later on today) Mistress and I spent a little bit of time together. It was time to get my hands uncuffed (actually, yesterday was, but RL kept Mistress away from me) and I was also in need of a top-up of my teleport allowance.

So, into the office we went, Mistress uncuffed my hands (while keeping the cuffs locked, of course) and I touched the punishment giving book and got...

Be blindfolded for 3 hours and also gagged for 8 hours.

Despite the backlog being rather long Mistress decided to go with that one there and then. I've got work to do in the shop and workshop later today and, unlike pretty much everything else on the list, this wouldn't make it impossible for me to work -- just rather tricky.

Mistress tends not to like to leave me totally blindfolded when she's not logged in so a more general version of "blindfold" is used, normally the Z&A Contact Lenses. It was decided that she'd go with that while trying out something I'd made a couple of nights back. I'd scripted a purchase I made at The Secret Affair so that it's RLV and works as a gag and renamer, as well as an eyesight blurring device (essentially it's a version of the Z&A Plague Mask code).

The mask is locked with a gag set and the renamer set so that if I speak in local it says I'm "Vila's Ass". I'm also denied the ability to start IMs. I can receive IMs and reply to them. This means I can still help people and talk to people if they get in contact with me first.

The contact lenses are locked and set so that I can't see names, maps, location or hover text. Mistress also claims that she set them on not quite the darkest level of forced darkness, although I'm not convinced by that. They seem as dark as usual...

Before Mistress logged off the gag managed to get me in trouble. Trouble I thought I'd got away with too. Mistress just loves to misinterpret gag-speak and I said something that came out looking like I'd said "fuck you" (I believe it was "Thank you Miss", which comes out as "CFhuhnk uhuhu Miss"). That didn't go down well at all and she said that she had half a mind to add an hour to the gag just for that. I didn't think any more of it and assumed I'd got away with it (I normally do).

Some time after saying goodnight to her I checked the time left on the hood and.... it was saying I had 8.5 hours left to go, on a 8 hour lock. It seems she really did add that extra hour after all.

The contacts didn't get anything added, thankfully.

I really need to be more careful what I say in future.

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