End of an era (sort of)

Recently, at Z&A, we've been on a push to retire our very early releases, replacing them with new products that fit a similar purpose but which have our newer device system in them and which are made of mesh (so generally have more detail and lower land impact). During this process we have already retired a few of our original 14 products but, today, a very significant event happen. It sort of felt like an "end of an era" moment for me.

Today I retired (replacing on the marketplace and deleting from the shop) the very first full RLV device I ever made. This was, in effect, the very first Z&A product. While it wasn't made to be a Z&A product -- when I made it I had no intention of going into business or anything like that -- it was the first thing I made that went on sale after Zardia had twisted my arm into having a go.

So you can imagine I paused for a moment when faced with this...

What's interesting to note about it is that it did a lot less than our more recent releases and yet had a much higher script footprint. It also had a pretty large land impact too with a prim count of 13. Back when I made it that wasn't so bad but now, with mesh making it so much easier to create devices with less impact, that seems horrifically high.

As far as I'm aware it was the oldest linkset of prims in the shop, dating from February 8th 2010.

Mistress did suggest that I should put it in a glass case and keep it on display. I'm actually rather tempted to do that. After I've found a really nice low-LI glass case... ;)

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