A brief visit to Wildfire Stables

Today, after perming and packing some new Z&A releases ready for tomorrow, Mistress and I retired to her back garden for a short while to have a chat and just hang out. Well, I say have a chat, I'm still gagged so I didn't chat so much in-world. ;)

Keen to knock more off my allowance list Mistress noted that there was one item that could work for a pony: to be left leashed in a public place on a region of her choice. This is one I particularly dislike as I'm not a huge fan of being in a place where I might have to interact with strangers, even if they're kink-friendly strangers. And, of course, Mistress knows me well enough to be able to mess with my head with this.

So, one moment she's there, the next she'd TPd away. I was then pulled after her. The first thing I saw on landing was that wherever we were they had excellent taste in RLV vehicles!

Mistress decided that we should take a Z&A Pipe Trap and I could take her on a tour of the region while she looked over the (rather long) rules notecard.

By now I'd noticed we were at a place called Wildfire Stables. It, and the region next to it, are really nicely laid out and decorated. It's the sort of place where we both felt at home. Many of the details were the sort of thing you could (and in some cases can) find on Raven Park.

Mistress was especially excited to find that there was ice cream to be had.

And, of course, she couldn't resist.

As we got near the end of the tour Mistress mentioned that she was very keen on the idea of hitching me up on the region somewhere and leaving me for the hour mentioned earlier. The only thing that was a cause for concern for her was the fact that in the notecard everything, while talking about being accepting of many forms of BDSM play in general, and pony play in particular, only even spoke about pony girls. Everything was worded as if only women sub. While we don't have a particular issue with that view of the world (the wonderful thing about SL is we can all build little worlds for "our tribes", as it were) it was a cause for concern as we didn't want to be in a position of using the region in a way that would be unwelcome.

In the end our wondering and worrying about this became moot because we got the region restart warning -- today's rolling restart had hit.

So that payment stays on my allowance payment list, for now. And we also have a really pretty region to explore some more -- especially when Mistress has me locked in pony gear.

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