Pod Prison time

This week is much the start of a busy couple or so months in Z&A's calendar. Come Friday we'll be announcing the dates for, and opening applications for, The Femdom Hunt V. Because of that this is the week that we tend to have our first proper search for new femdom regions and places and we go visiting them with a view to adding them to the invite list.

After Mistress and I had spent an hour or so TPing around the grid, looking at locations, I'd long run out of TPs in my allowance. Also, because we'd been chatting with people, I was very low on talk allowance too. Getting a top-up cost me the following (which were adding to my backlog):

  • Wear the punishment log for 6 hours.
  • Be denied teleport, confined to a sim of your Domme’s choice, for 2 hours.
and also reminded Mistress that something needed to be knocked off it too. So I was leashed and marched into the Raven Park Mansion and locked in the Pod Prison for 3 hours.

Normally, when Mistress does this, she locks me in a pod in the subterranean portion of the prison. There's something rather cosy and safe about that. Unless someone calls the pod up for inspection I'm nicely alone. This time, however, Mistress decided to lock me in one of the pods in the main prison room!

Even though I can't interact with anyone I can't help but feel rather exposed and vulnerable.

Mistress wished me a goodnight and left me to three hours of watching the comings and goings in the Mansion. Now I get to consider what my next period in the pod prison will be like, that one's a 5 hour sentence.

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